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Letters from African Century Bank and Chegutu Municipality

Rianran construction has gained popularity within Chegutu and different parts of Zimbabwe because of its incredible and excellent service delivery. As a result, Rianran managed to receive reference letters from different clients who were happy and satisfied with the services they received. During the period 2018 to 2019 Chegutu Municipality contracted Rianran Construction Company to carry out Chegutu East and Kaguvi Phase 4 road re-graveling projects with a value of $510 000.00. These projects were successfully executed and produced pleasing results to the clients. In 2019 Rianran was also contracted by African Century Bank to carry out a project of Thruss Boring (110mm x 35m) to lay borehole water pipes. Below are the detailed reference letters from the two companies:

Rianran Construction also received a reference letter from Riozim acknowledging high-quality Services it has been receiving from Rianran Construction. Rianran construction has been supplying Riozim with high-end quality construction equipment and services for the past 3 years……read more