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How Zimbabwean construction companies can survive the covid-19 lock-down

Zimbabwe Construction companies

The Corona virus is spreading across the world with far-reaching and devastating figures. The deaths suffered in China, Italy, Spain, United States and France get us really worried. And we cant be extra careful.

Globally, the disease has raised health and economic concerns. The potential direct hit on Africa, the second most populous continent, could trigger a global nightmare. And this must be avoided at all costs.

As part of its civic responsibility, Rianran Construction wants to take a step forward and proffer some useful tips for its colleagues in the Zimbabwean construction industry. We hope this will keep us safe, informed and equipped to deal with this menace and stall its spread.

These are some helpful suggestions to help us deal with this together:

Stay Calm

Don’t panic. The Zimbabwean Whatsapp groups’ rumour mill is operating full throttle, please don’t be party to the spread of fake news. This now you attracts a jail term and you do not want to be caught by the long arm of the law.

At a time like this, it is important that you remain calm enough to receive, process and absorb critical information before taking any action. Rumours can cause more damage than the disease if special care is not taken. Also actively discourage others from spreading false information.

Verify all information
Verifying information before sharing it cannot be over-emphasising. Don’t be caught up in the Whatsapp craze to be the first to break the news. Half the time the news is false. Stop, think and verify.

Whatever information you receive on the coronavirus, it is important that you verify the information first with the relevant government authorities. World Health Organisation has a handy website with all the correct information, data and facts. This way, we work together to achieve the same goal of stopping the spread of Covid-19. Although business is important to, put your health first. Your life and that of your loved ones matter more than a couple of greenbacks.

Observe specific actions
Avoid crowded spaces and observe social distancing guidlines stated by the World Health Organisation and local health authorities. Regular washing of your hands with soap cannot be over emphasised. Use a hand sanitiser if you are not home. Eating healthy to strengthen your immune system and working remotely can stall the spread of this virus.

Contingency and Business Continuity Plan
The President announced the 21 day national lock-down that started Monday March 30. Zimbabwean construction companies were hard hit by this announcement. However, these 21 days gives you the time to plan, reflect and assess your market. You may also review your business processes and find areas that needs adjusting and prepare solutions to mitigate the risks.

While we are hopeful that this virus will pass and quickly at that, we must however work together during this lock-down period to preserve the lives of the people around us.

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