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5 things to consider before starting on a construction project in Zimbabwe


Brian Ranjisi

So you’re planning a construction project? You and your architect have settled on a plan for your dream model house or custom project. You can already envision the structure. Before all that can come to life, you must embark on what is the most stressful process of a project; the construction.

Starting a construction project in Zimbabwe is messy hard work, and stressful. If you don’t plan the project in detail, it could hurt your finances or end up being a project that wasn’t worth undertaking after all. This would be very unfortunate in today’s stinging economy.

What things do you need to know before you break ground?

There are of course many things to consider, but I’ve collected five key things that you need to know before starting construction.

Project Duration

Good Contractors plan their project ahead of time, setting the time frames for completing each phase of the project. This is why prioritization is important to project success. Begin your project with a shortlist of things that are absolutely a must for the project to be considered a success. Whether you have a specific budget or time frame that must be met or you have specifications for the structure that cannot be compromised. Try also to keep this list to actual priorities, not just a wish list of what you’d like to see happen in this construction process. The complexity of the project will determine whether you do it yourself or you get contractors involved. There are reputable contractors in Zimbabwe you can engage to get a quality job done without breaking your bank.


The question you have to ask yourself is “how will your construction project impact the community?” This is an important piece of the puzzle to consider, as well. Will your project be of any value to the community or is just a basic plan that would be of no benefit to anyone. There have been few notable construction projects in Zimbabwe and it’s easy to observe one that has a community impact.

Professional Project management

Do you have a general contractor? Are you using a design-build contractor that will oversee all aspects of the project? Make sure you get assistance from Contractors with the relevant experience, equipment, and expertise to get your project done to your satisfaction. There are many fly-by-night briefcase contractors in Zimbabwe these days and you need to take your time to find qualified professionals.

The benefits of the design-build model are having a single point of responsibility for the design and construction of the project.

The last thing you want is to pay contractors a day rate and nothing gets done but a lot of thumb-twiddling and maheu-drinking. If you can’t afford a contractor that manages everything, get a friend or family member to help out while you’re at work. This helps in managing the project and this also maximizes the effort being put in.


What limits do you have? Construction schedules nearly always change to some degree based on various factors, and the same can often be said for budgets. However, it’s important to have in mind what limits you have for the project, be it materials, finances or labor. These can hold the project back slightly longer than anticipated if not planned properly. If you Know your limits, you know where to adjust so that your project does not become a white elephant.

Expect hurdles

Zimbabwean construction projects will require inspections, approvals and documentation from Local councils and government departments such as the Ministry of Public works, Ministry of Transport and Environmental Management Agency (EMA) depending on the nature of the project. As you might have guessed, this is loads of work and stress. It’s essential these days to account for as many possible hurdles before you begin rather than waiting to be blindsided by them in the middle of the project. This is where having experienced project managers can really make a huge difference in the construction process.


Although these factors may not be exclusive it is important to consider them before starting on a construction project in Zimbabwe. To ensure successful project completion according to set deadlines, you don’t need to compromise on the quality of the materials used and the type of contractors hired. Hire expert contractors today and get your project done well. Rianran Construction is one Zimbabwean contractor that can take up a project of whatever size, big or small. So why wait, get a quote today.

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